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Meeting Times

Alright crafty people, tentatively we’re gonna have our meetings on Saturdays at 11am (EST), starting this saturday the 2nd of March (except for pre-planned vacation :-). I’ll email a reminder, but the times are also posted on the Con forums. Please let me know if this time doesn’t work, or even is maybe Sunday would be better.

I have Skype, and if everyone else has that, that’s what we’ll use for meetings. Voice calls so no worries about being on camera. :) If someone wants to volunteer to take notes of the meetings then email them me, that would be awesome. Message me your Skype names, either on here, or email, and I’ll add you on Skype.

Also be sure you’re checking out the forums, a lot of information goes on there. And if you haven’t PM believeitgirl to let her know what committee you’re in so you can then see all the planning forums.
I’ll see you all on Saturday (janxangel, I’ll email you all the notes from the meeting). Have a good week!

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    My flight doesn’t leave til 2, so I might be able to make the first part of the meeting.
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